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Silvan Schmid is a trumpet player based in Zurich, Switzerland. Currently he plays live and did recordings with people and projects such as Solo, Gamut Kollektiv, Alex Riva, Eddé Khouri/Glanzmann/Schmid, Elio Amberg, Amereller/Schmid/Wheatley, Bertrand Denzler, Lingens/Punkt/Schmid, Hum, Schmid/Svosve/Scott/Prévost, KvG's Bottom Orchestra, Neues aus Kungusien, Billiger Bauer, Hans Kennel's Wood&Brass.
He is a member of the Gamut Kollektiv which has as its purpose to explore, to seek and to set new things in motion; it serves as a fruitful breeding ground for ideas, experiments and new processes. In addition to the annual Gamut Festival they organize different concert series in Zurich.
Together with Theda Schoppe he runs a series for improvised music since 2017 in Zurich, EP SERIES.

Discography (Selection)
Silvan Schmid • Augmented Space • January 2021 on Hat Hut Records
Alex Riva - Silvan Schmid • Montre-moi ce que tu n'as pas • July 2020 on Remote Resonator
Gamut Kollektiv • 7 Lines by Lotus Eddé Khouri • Autumn 2020 on Edition Gamut
Urs Blöchlinger Revisited • Neues aus Kungusien • Summer 2020 out on Leo Records
Kaspar von Grüningens Bottom Orchestra • June 2019 on WhyPlayJazz
HUM • HUM • January 2019 on TVL REC
Gamut Kollektiv • Molecules by Tobias Meier • September 2018 on Edition Gamut
Silvan Schmid Quintett • At Gamut • June
2018 on Hat Hut Records
Silvan Schmid Trio • Spartituren • August 2017
This difficult Three • Double Sun • October 2017 on Wide Ear Records
Hans Kennel Wood & Brass • October 2017 on TCB Records


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